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To support our mission, twice a year we will donate a portion of each sale to various non-profit organizations working to advocate for people and groups whose appearances and identities are marginalized. Our first donation will be given to Monadnock Family Services (MFS).

MFS is a nonprofit Community Mental Health Center serving the southwest corner of NH. Founded in 1905, their mission is to be a source of health and hope for people and the communities in which they live, particularly as it pertains to mental illness. They create services that heal, education that transforms, and advocacy that brings a just society.


Last year, MFS’ 200 team members helped 911 children, 1,332 adults, and 255 seniors by way of just over 71,400 appointments. They care for children with emotional and behavioral disturbances and adults with severe and persistent mental illness. They do this through more than a dozen distinct programs in parent education, youth development, family support, elder care, veterans services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, individual and group treatment, and recovery support for persons and families struggling with mental illness.


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